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This is the wiki of the Casting in Art Museums Blog, a non-profit academic research project, an information source and a professional network to share information, exchange experiences and develop resources about Photocasting, Podcasting and Vodcasting in Art Museums.

Casting in Art Museums Wiki is a work in progress place where check and add the improvements that Art Museums from all over the world are addressing in terms of Photocasting, Podcasting and Vodcasting. This is a Wikispace currently public that can be seen and edited by everyone. We encourage you to check the list of museums and add and update the information about your institution or your favorite castings in them.

To collaborate, follow the steps addressed in the page Guidelines for Collaborations. There you will find some organizational basis to add the information. Besides, it itself is a document that you can also edit and improve, as all documents in this wiki site. It is an reference document about how to fill out the Casting in Art Museums List, a whole inventory of Photocasts, Podcasts and Vodcasts in Art Museums from the five continents.

Apart from the Blog and this Wikispace, Casting in Art Museums also has a specific photocasting project called Casting in Art Museums Photocasting Project. This project pretends to gather visitors’ experiences in Art Museums from all over the world. We try to collect your particular vision of them, apart from your visual anecdotes and curiosities.

Finally, you can find us in Casting in Art Museums Reference Websites to contribute and share our recommended websites.

We encourage you to join our community, use our sources and enrich this site with your participation. Do not forget to check if your museum has updated information. We are looking forward your contributions!

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