Guidelines for Collaborations

Guidelines for Collaborations

Casting in Art Museums
is a wiki space currently public. It can be seen and edited by everyone. To collaborate, follow these steps,

1. Go to the page Casting in Art Museums List
2. Search your location by continent (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.)
3. Check if your museum is on the list
4. To get started, click on the 'edit' link above to add content to the page following this scheme:
Name of the Museum:
Category: (Podcasting, Vodcasting or Photocasting)
Link to the Website:

5. Add the specific country of your museum if necessary
6. Spread this information and the reference of this wiki among your colleagues and,
7. Stay tuned!

This site is only devoted to Art Museums. If your reference is related to Podcasting, Vodcasting or Photocasting but is not to a museum of art but you consider it is an interesting information to add, please create another page specific to its mission (Artists, Sciences Museums, Blogs, etc.) and follow the same structure.

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